Sharon was a wonderful acupuncture provider. She took ample time before each session to collect a detailed report of any new and ongoing health concerns I had. Her treatment was very effective in targeting women’s hormone issues, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the treatments!

I started seeing Sharon during the pandemic and it was the best decision. She goes above and beyond to bring a joyful, positive energy to her practice and I look forward to my appointments as a bright spot in my week, both for the relaxation and the space Sharon gives her patients to take pause and reflect on their own wellbeing. I have been singing her praises to friends and family!

I began seeing Sharon for neuropathy in my feet – a long lingering consequence of chemotherapy treatment. Not only did regular acupuncture finally bring improvement and ultimate relief from something that no medication could help, I continued with treatments as I saw an overall improvement in many other areas of my physical wellbeing: my mental health (depression and anxiety), my period and hormonal balance, and smaller issues like headaches and congestion.

Sharon was integral in my healing after a miscarriage and a crucial partner throughout a successful pregnancy. I returned after some time away (and the pandemic) for help once again with my period and depression and anxiety. With a single visit, I saw relief and improvement. After resuming bi-weekly treatment, I have experienced tremendous benefits – again, not just for the issues that I could name, but for my holistic wellbeing.

I tell people, “I don’t know how acupuncture works, I just know that it works.” Sharon is amazing. Make an appointment today!

I started acupuncture to help control heavy bleeding and abnormal cycles that could not be regulated with contraceptives, due to an underlying health condition. After reading the reviews, I decided to visit Turning Leaf Acupuncture and how grateful I’ve been for this decision of mine! I have been seeing Sharon for almost a year now and she is such a wonderful person to work with. I have only positive things to say about my experience. Sharon always takes time to discuss things in depth and address my questions. I’ve never felt rushed, which for me is a huge plus, given that I have more than one issues going on! Many times she has great suggestions that I take to my doctor to better understand the underlying problems and form a plan. Following treatments, we have been able to control the bleeding and are working to support egg quality and normal cycles. I have also been enjoying solid nightly sleep at last! Overall, it has been a fabulous experience and I highly recommend it for women’s health issues and overall well-being and balance!

Sharon was recommended to be by my physician and i was skeptical because my previous experience with acupuncture wasn’t so great but boy was i wrong! From the first time i set foot at Turning Leaf in 2017, i felt welcome and i left feeling elated! As time went on, Sharon became an essential part of my self-care regimen. After having a baby, which in a huge part is thanks to her treatment, her weekly sessions became the sole element of my self-care regimen. I deeply value the time i spend on the table and i always leave feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. I highly recommend this practice. I always say that it’s like a massage to the insides of my body and it has helped me tremendously in more ways than i can count!

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Sharón & Turning Leaf! She is so patient, warm, and thoughtful, and the office space is as serene as a spa. She answers all of my questions and always makes me feel heard and completely at ease. Absolutely recommend her for anyone considering acupuncture!

Both Sharon and Chi are wonderful – they are great at what they do and never make me feel like I’m “just another client”. I was extremely anxious before and during my first appointment (I had never done acupuncture before and was afraid of needles in general) but now I know I will feel calm afterwards and look forward to my appointments. Sharon and Chi are so friendly and make sure their clients feel comfortable. The space is very clean as well. I highly recommend Turning Leaf!

I have been treating with Sharon for almost 4 years, including through my pregnancy and postpartum care. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for Sharon’s care and expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. It doesn’t matter what symptoms I’m experiencing, she knows just how to handle them from headaches all the way to insomnia. She is so good for the body and the soul! You will not regret seeing her!!

Sharon is a fantastic healer! I started seeing her for a condition that western medicine had no solution for ( vulvodynia) and in a couple of months saw drastic improvement. After about a year I was 100 percent pain free and now she has been helping me along with my pregnancy! For women’s health issues she is the absolute best. She is also super sweet and a joy to see each time and kind of doubles as a therapist. I highly recommend!

I felt completely at ease entrusting Sharon with my care. She is extremely knowledgeable, always offering insights and suggestions. She took the time to make sure my health concerns were heard, and to make me comfortable during the treatment. Her space at Coolidge Corner is soothing, cozy, and clean; I always left feeling like I’d just treated myself to a spa!

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