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New Patients

Thank you for choosing Turning Leaf Acupuncture for your health care needs!

Helpful hints for your acupuncture appointments:

  • You will be receiving a link to complete new patient forms upon scheduling your initial appointment.  Please take time to fill them out completely prior to your initial appointment.
  • Please wear loose fitting clothes if possible, or bring a change of comfortable clothes with you.  We often access points on the abdomen, lower arms and lower legs.
  • Make sure that you have had something to light to eat before your appointment.  It is best to avoid highly caffeinated drinks prior to your appointment time.
  • Avoid brushing your tongue prior to coming to your treatment.  We often look at your tongue coat as a part of our diagnosis.
  • Please refrain from wearing excessive perfume/cologne/scented lotions or jewelry on the days of your treatment.

We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals!

Sharon is highly professional and incredibly knowledgeable. She puts you at ease upon entering and makes sure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout your session. I feel so amazing whenever I leave her office. The only hard part is not getting to go more often!

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