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Fertility Support

Trying to conceive can be a challenging journey and at TLA we understand the physical and emotional obstacles that individuals face while trying to start a family.

Our practitioners are highly trained and have specialization in treating fertility. We understand how to approach fertility challenges with a Chinese Medical perspective for those trying to conceive naturally or through ART (Assisted Reproductive Therapy) and alway keep in mind the emotional as well as biomedical needs of each patient. Sharon is also one of only a few practitioners in MA who is a certified Fellow of the Acupuncture Board Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and works with top fertility clinics in Boston to integrate acupuncture treatments with Western Medical approaches.

Studies continue to demonstrate that acupuncture may assist with:

  • Regulating Menstrual Cycles

  • Balancing Hormones

  • Increasing Blood Flow to Uterus and Ovaries

  • Preparing Uterine Lining for Implantation

  • Improving Egg Quality

  • Reducing FSH

  • Increasing Success Rates of IUI/IVF/FET

  • Decreasing Side Effects of IUI/IVF Medications and IVF Procedures

  • Improving Sperm Count, Mobility and Morphology

During your first appointment at Turning Leaf Acupuncture much time will be spent discussing the health and wellness of you and your partner along with any fertility treatments you may have undergone. In Chinese Medicine it is important that both female and male partners are evaluated since factors contributing to fertility struggles can originate from one or both partners.

Once the evaluations have been completed your practitioner will develop a treatment plan to specific to your diagnosis. Although beginning treatment during any phase of trying to conceive naturally or through ART can be helpful, our practitioners understand that optimum results are achieved when treatment begins well in advance of trying to become pregnant or undergoing ART. Preparing the body in advance (ideally 3 months) allows for the patient and practitioner the opportunity to focus on the emotional and physical well-being of both partners thereby increasing the probability of not only achieving but also maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Watch our Conversation about Acupuncture and Fertility: 

Meet Sharon Bacigalupi, L.Ac., Fertility Specialist of Turning Leaf Acupuncture and Dr Aaron Styer and Dr Alison Zimon, Directors and top fertility specialists of CCRM, Chestnut Hill (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine)

I went to 2 fertility clinics where I was told the following: my hormone levels were off significantly, my thyroid level would make it difficult to conceive, I would probably never conceive with my own eggs, and my egg count is low, making it difficult to conceive. I began seeing Ms. Bacigalupi in October and by the following February,  I was pregnant. My husband and I credit her for helping in our long arduous journey to begin our family.

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