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5 Signs You Need Acupuncture This Spring

daisySpring time in Boston is a beautiful thing—especially after a long and lingering winter. But along with the dazzling daffodils and colorful tulips comes sneezing, runny noses, sore throats, and itchy eyes.

You may be wondering why Allergies are now in full swing and the answer to that is your Liver!

In Chinese Medicine each season is associated with an organ system, and for the Spring its the Liver.  So…what does this mean for you…?  It means that our bodies are now in a stage of adjustment…we are shifting from having the Kidneys being most active during the winter, promoting quiet introspection…taking a deep look at ourselves emotionally and physically… to a sudden burst of Liver energy blossoming, just like the tulips and daffodils springing out of the flower beds.

Fear not, your Liver will find its footing and soon it and its many functions will once again begin to thrive…but in the meantime you  may experience some common symptoms during this transitional period.  Acupuncture can help these symptoms by restoring balance to the Liver system.


You’re Extra Irritable and Tense

It is common to feel more tense and irritable during the spring since anger is  the emotion associated with the Liver in acupuncture.  When the Liver is not functioning properly we can feel more anxious, irritable, experience muscle tension and stiffness along with shallow breathing and jaw clenching.

Your Digestion is Feeling Off

The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow throughout the body.  When the Liver becomes impacted some of the first symptoms that often present are GI related such as  gas, bloating, IBS, heartburn or nausea.  When stress is high our digestion often declines.

Headaches and Muscle Aches have Sprung Up

Tension headaches are more common in the spring time when the Liver system (and its paired system the Gall Bladder) becomes stagnant or is not flowing freely.  Other aches might include menstrual cramps and general muscle tension.

Your Eyes are  Red, Itchy and Watery

Each organ system, just as it is associated with a season or emotion, is also associated with a sense.  The Liver is associated with sight therefore many issues related to the eyes are often in part associated with a Liver imbalance.

If you are feeling some of the symptoms of Liver imbalance now that Spring is on its way don’t fret.  Call your acupuncturist to schedule an appointment to help your body find its balance so you can begin to enjoy all the beauty the Spring season has to offer.


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