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New Patients

Wellness Wood TagThank you for choosing Turning Leaf Acupuncture for your health care needs!

Helpful hints for your acupuncture appointments:

  • You will be receiving a link to complete new patient forms upon scheduling your initial appointment.  Please take time to fill them out completely prior to your initial appointment.
  • Please wear loose fitting clothes if possible, or bring a change of comfortable clothes with you.  We often access points on the abdomen, lower arms and lower legs.
  • Make sure that you have had something to light to eat before your appointment.  It is best to avoid highly caffeinated drinks prior to your appointment time.
  • Avoid brushing your tongue prior to coming to your treatment.  We often look at your tongue coat as a part of our diagnosis.
  • Please refrain from wearing excessive perfume/cologne/scented lotions or jewelry on the days of your treatment.

We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals!